OBiO and QuaCell Biotechnology reached a strategic cooperation on the joint development of the Wayne293™ host cell platform and high-toxin-producing derivative cell lines
Mar 09,2021
On March 9, 2021, OBiO Technology (Shanghai) Corp., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "OBiO") and QuaCell Biotechnology, Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "QuaCell") jointly announced a strategic cooperation intent on the joint development of the Wayne293™ host cell platform and high-toxin-producing derivative cell lines. This cooperation aims to complement each other's technological advantages, connect upstream and downstream, and provide more comprehensive, high-quality, and efficient technical services and solutions to cell and gene therapy customers worldwide.

Cooperation Background

OBiO is a leading domestic high-tech enterprise integrating basic biomedical research, gene therapy drug incubation, and clinical-grade gene therapy viral vector CDMO services. It has been deeply involved in gene function research and gene therapy subdivision for many years. Under international biopharmaceutical GMP standards, it has built a gene therapy vector manufacture platform that complies with China's NMPA, US FDA, EU EMA gene and cell therapy quality management specifications. OBiO has nearly 4,500 square meters of comprehensive gene carrier R&D and production platform and more than 6,000 square meters of gene carrier GMP production platform. At the same time, it has started the construction of over 80,000m2 precision medical-industrial base (OBiO Intelli-M) at Lin-Gang Special Area, Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone. OBiO provides global gene and cell therapy scientists, medical units, and drug research and development companies with CDMO services for gene and cell therapy plasmids, adeno-associated viruses, lentiviruses, adenoviruses, a variety of oncolytic viruses, and cell therapy products. It strives to promote gene therapy's clinical application in the whole process, from gene sequence to gene medicine.

QuaCell is a rapidly growing global biotechnology enterprise headquartered in Zhongshan City, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. We provide our clients with innovative biopharmaceutical service solutions in our approximately 7,000 square meters facility that fully integrates culture medium development and production, cell line development, and GMP pilot-scale production. Complying with ISO and GMP regulations, QuaCell focuses on the research and manufacture of cell culture media and provides necessary raw materials for global biopharmaceutical and gene therapy companies. QuaCell delivers the first and only fully freely implemented CHO-K1 host cell platform in China-QuaCell® CHO-K1Q. In the past two years, QuaCell has provided nearly 50 antibody-protein drug companies in China, solving traceability and authorization pain points. Given this successful experience, QuaCell and the founder of the 293 cell line, Professor Frank Graham, signed an exclusive sub-licensing agreement for 293 background intellectual property rights in Greater China to legally and compliantly introduce the original HEK293 cells and develop a series of derivative cell lines. We are committed to being a cell and gene therapy partner to solve the problems of 293 cell import, traceability, authorization, and viral packaging industrialization.

Cooperation Direction

OBiO and QuaCell will carry out comprehensive strategic cooperation based on the Wayne293™ host cell platform (the original HEK293 cell platform acclimated in suspension) owned by QuaCell with clear traceability records and global commercial authorization. We will advance our work in the development of platform cell lines, the development & optimization of culture media. Also, we will further rely on OBiO's technical advantages in gene and cell therapy to develop HEK293-derived cell lines for the production of high-titer viral vectors. We will work together to provide better host cells and commercial authorization to develop gene and cell therapy drugs.

Dr. Guodong Jia, General Manager of OBiO, said: "QuaCell is a well-known domestic biopharmaceutical company that focuses on the research, development, and production of biologics provides customers with high-quality cell products in core areas. This time, OBiO and QuaCell will further develop high-yield derivative cell lines based on the cooperation of the Wayne293™ host cell platform. Through the organic combination of their respective advantages, while promoting the gene and cell therapy industry's development, we can better realize making gene therapy benefits humankind. "

Dr. H. Fai Poon, CEO of QuaCell, said: "OBiO is an excellent enterprise in the field of CDMO in cell and gene therapy in China. It has leading technology and rich experience in the development and production of various viral vectors. Through the in-depth cooperation between the two parties, OBiO and QuaCell will work together as mutual customers and partners to solve the pain point of host cell commercialization authorization and traceability; also, we will cooperate in the R & D of derivative cell strains required for the production of high-titer viral vectors, optimize the production process of viral vectors, etc., and jointly contribute to the acceleration of China's cell and gene therapy industry. "

Cooperation Vision

Our strategic cooperation will promote the rapid development of the cell therapy and gene therapy industries in China. We will fully integrate our superior resources, provide high-quality products and services to our mutual customers and partners, accelerate gene therapy's entry into the application stage, and benefit humankind as soon as possible.

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