CDMO Solutions
CDMO Solutions

Through years of dedicated effort, OBiO has built an integrated process development system, supported by a flexible cGMP manufacturing platform, comprehensive quality system and efficient project management. Our experienced team of experts will navigate the industrialization process with you side-by-side. With our technical expertise in viral vector, oncolytic virus and cell therapy, we will help you to accelerate your product life-cycle from pre-clinical to commercially ready. 

Gene and Cell Therapy Programs
Process Development Projects
Analytical Method Development Projects
Versatility for Variety

Our extensive technical expertise and process scale-up experience make us a strong and reliable partner for your gene and cell therapy project. We have successfully provided cGMP manufacturing services for multiple clients to support their gene and cell therapy clinical trials in the United States, China, and Australia. 

We provide process development and cGMP manufacturing for the following gene and cell therapy products:

With process development and cGMP manufacturing services for virus vectors including adeno-associated virus and lentivirus, we can flexibly adjust to adherent or suspension-based platform to meet your manufacturing demands.

We provide process development and cGMP manufacturing services for various oncolytic virus products including oncolytic adenovirus, herpes simplex virus, vaccinia virus, vesicular stomatitis virus and new castle disease virus. Our cell culture processes and flexible cGMP manufacturing can flexibly accommodate your manufacturing demands at different scales.

We provide autologous, such as CAR-T therapy, and allogeneic cell therapy products, such as universal T-cell therapy, natural killer cell therapy, and hematopoietic stem cell therapy.

With extensive expertise in the development of customized plasmid DNA manufacturing solutions, we provide plasmid services from process development to large-scale cGMP manufacturing. In addition, we provide process development and cGMP manufacturing services for nucleotides including mini-circle plasmid and mRNA therapy.

F-A-S-T Commitment from OBiO
Dedication to Contract Development and Manufacturing Service
Strict Internal Data Management
Comprehensive Patent System
Professional Intellectual Property Protection
Commercial Readiness from Technical Expertise
Advanced Process Development Technologies
Large-Scale Manufacturing Capabilities
Fully-Closed & Automated Downstream Purification
Fully Regulatory Compliance
GMP-Compliant Facilities and Equipment
Robust Quality Management System
Comprehensive Quality Control Platform
Trustful Expertise
10+ years of Experience in Gene and Cell Therapy
Extensive Experience in IND-Enabling Support
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